Yoga & learning Music etc.

a) Regular yoga classes are available for the interested participants at nominal cost. 



We are living in socio-economic structures where one has to work hard all day at inhuman speed at physical and intellectual work. The nervous system, the mind, and the intellect are worn out for they never get any respite and man has come to believe that move physically and intellectually is to live.

There are two parts of life - Motion and motionless, activity and inactivity, chaos and silence. Movement is one part of our life and we cannot escape from it, but to be in a state of non-movement is also substantial part of our life. Silence is also as much a significant part of our lives to which we have not been introduced that is the need of the hour. We live secluded, isolated from the whole, because of our passiveness.

Yoga is a way of living that introduces us to that other part of our life. The silence, the motionless, it introduces us to our pureness which has never been conditioned. A man's happiness depends not only upon his work, but also upon his mental climatic condition or his mental health. This mental health can be maintained by unknown column of energy within oneself through yogic techniques. If you want to seek happiness through action, you must be able to discover this secret core activity, this core source of joy within us, the joy that is in all achievements.

Thus Patanjali's yoga will certainly help one to bring wisdom to one's work or action and skillful living amongst activities, harmony and moderation. It has different shades of meaning and reveals different aspects of the entire range of human endeavor to win inner peace and happiness.




b) Learn Music 

Arrangements are available to teach Indian/Western music; both instrumental / vocal, music using in-house musical instruments. The costs would vary.