On arrival at Hyderabad the institute extends all help needed to the foreign students for settling down and adjust to the new environment.  Hyderabad is a very friendly and secure city, with a rich cultural heritage.


a)  Receive at Airport and Transportation to residences.

b)  Settling in Familiarization with Environment/ language training to get along initially with neighbors, 

     neighboring shops, domestic help, drivers etc.

c)  Orientation at the Institute / Residence

d)  Your way about getting around town

e)  Personal banking & communication  Few lines on each of the activities




The Climate in Hyderabad is as under:  
March 15th to 15th May  - Summer Dry 30C to 35C
15th May to End June   - Summer Dry 35C to 40C  
   Few days 40C to 45C  
   Few showers.  
July to September  - Mansoon  20C to 25C  
October to March 15th      Mild Dry 15C to 30C  


 Garments / clothing are quite inexpensive in Hyderabad. Several International / National brands are available.

 You need to bring in generally Casual clothing. There are not much occasions for formals.