Software Training Course For Foreigners 



The Software training course is designed to  give a strong conceptual base along with exposure to excel in the chosen chosen area. Software training provides the skills required to face the challenges of the IT Industry and builds great career.


Based on a trainee's requirement the modules can be selected.


Course Content:


Module 1 : Computer Concepts and Paradigm
Module 2 : Introduction to Programming in 'C'
Module 3 : Operating Systems
Module 4 :

Visual Programming Techniques (with VC++ 6.0 and VB 6.0)

Module 5 :


Module 6 :

Networking with Internet

Module 7 : Internet programming using Java - 2.0



Module 1


Computer Concepts and Paradigm


This module exposes the student to certain basic concepts of how computers operate, what are various peripheral devices, how computers get networked etc.  The topics covered are:


Basic Programming Tools


This module covers the subject of programming and gives a firm foundation in program design logic.  Certain basic tools like spreadsheet, small databases etc. get  covered in this module.  It also teaches the fundamental techniques of programming through the tools of algorithms.  The topics covered are:


Module 2


Introduction to Programming in 'C'


With this module students begin the experience of coding in 'C' language.  It covers the entire syntax of C.  The topics covered are:

Introduction to Software Engineering


This module covers the entire life cycle of software development.  It includes software requirement specification, design and implementation , testing and maintenance of software.  The subject forms an essential learning tool for software development.  The topics covered are:

Software Quality Management


Quality is essential in every aspect of software development.  This module covered are:



Apart from module-related projects, this project tests a student's learning of the first two trimesters.  Students get a chance to implement these concepts in a comprehensive project.



Module 3


Operating Systems


This module explains the system software responsible for operating the computer.  It gives an insight into peripheral, memory and process management of a computer.  The topics covered are:


Data Structures and Algorithms


This module expands on the different data types and data structures used during programming.  The topics covered are:

Object Oriented Development using C++


This unit covers the all-important topic of Object Orientation in programming.  It explains Classes, Objects and Methods.  It also explains the concepts of data encapsulation and polymorphism.  These concepts are explained with the use of examples in C++ The topics covered are:


Module 4


Visual Programming Techniques (with VC++ 6.0 and VB 6.0)


This module starts the students on visual programming techniques and helps them with the building blocks of graphical user interfaces.  The topics covered are:

DBMS with Oracle 8i


This module expands o database management concepts using Oracle 8i product.  The topics covered are:


Module 5


S o l u t i o n s




This module helps the student understand Business requirements,  Applying Data models, ActiveX controls as COM Implementations, Application Architecture and Component Architecture. The topics covered are:

VC & VB Add-on


This module provides the ability to assess the potential impact of the logical design on performance, maintainability, extensibility and availability of visual programs.

Distributed Application using VB and VC++ 6.0


This module familiarises students with the development procedure and the concepts required for development of Distributed Applications using Visual Basic as the main platform.

Introduction to MTS


Security of an MTS Package



This module outlines major contemporary application areas.  It also exposes the concepts of e-commerce.  The topics covered are:




Module 6


Networking with Internet


This module details the network topologies and the internet concepts.  It uses the Windows NT network operating system.  The topics covered are:

Communication Technology


This module brings out the basic understanding of Communication Technology.  It covers modulation, topologies and other related topics.  The topics covered are:


Module 7


Internet programming using Java - 2.0


This module teaches Internet programming with Java/  The concepts of using applets and servlets and other embedded concepts of Java are explained.  The topics covered are:

Website Creation and Management


This subject brings out the techniques of detailed website creation and management using FrontPage 2000 website creation tool.  The topics covered are: