It is very widely known and accepted worldwide that the standard of English in India is very high.

In fact there is even a view that only in India Traditional & correct English is being taught and spoken.

UK and more so USA has adopted lot of slang in regular usage and the language has got corrupted. This is alright for day to day general interaction in the streets or society but is not really good enough for higher education or interaction with people of higher education and social strata.

On this score India is very well placed since the usage and Teaching of English still remain PURE.

As you are well aware India is a land of different native languages, which are vastly different from each other. In view of this, Indians have developed the usage of fairly NEUTRAL ACCENTED ENGLISH, which is now widely accepted worldwide as the right thing to do.

Once, one develops a NEUTRAL ACCENT,  it is essential that the TEACHERS OF ENGLISH are very proficient in the area of PHONETICS.

In ENGLISH WORLD, we take care to have only those faculty who have a very sound grounding in PHONETICS.

We are primarily having faculty from CENTRAL INSTITUTE OF ENGLISH AND FOREIGN LANGUAGES (CIEFL), which is located in our Town. CIEFL specialises in TRAINING of Teachers of English. Teachers and students from several countries come to CIEFL for this purpose.

CIEFL is a national institute of higher learning and Research - a deemed university. It is also an international resource centre in the diverse areas of English and foreign languages and their literatures. CIEFL provides for the study of English and Foreign Languages and their literatures, organisation of research, training of teachers, production of teaching materials to help improve the standards of the teaching of English and Foreign Languages. 

CIEFL conducts a range of Post Graduate (M.A. / M. Phil.) and Doctorial courses (Ph.D.) in English Literature, Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, Phonetics etc. The institute also conducts Post Graduate programs in the Teaching of English. These programs have wide international acceptance.

For CIEFL's Ph.D. programs in English, the student is required to write a thesis, which will be evaluated by three examiners - one examiner from an Indian university and one examiner from a university overseas (In additional to his guide / supervisor ). The research work should constitute a worthy contribution to the body of knowledge, and conform in all respects - content and presentation - to a high standard.

The Criteria for admission to any and all courses of teacher training at CIEFL are based on a national level entrance  test followed by an interview. The procedure ensures that the participants chosen for the training program have a neutral accent or minimal intervention of mother tongue influence over their English.

The teachers at English world have a rich experience in teaching communication skills and the various accents of English. Their approach to teaching is based on the principle that languages are not to be taught in isolation but in a context. Therefore language-speaking situations are simulated in the classroom so that students become proficient at a faster pace. Much emphasis is laid on pronunciation and making students speak with a neutral accent. 

Courses at ENGLISH WORLD develop speaking, reading, writing and listening skills through intensive and well-researched course 'content and delivery'.

Several students from countries like China, Dubai, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Japan, Korea, Oman, and Russia have done our Short-term and Long-term courses in English language and Phonetics.

Many students who have undergone training at ENGLISH WORLD are working in various international outbound call centers in India and abroad. Many of our Indian and foreign students who underwent training for International English Language Testing System (IELTS) conducted by the British Council - have scored the maximum points in all modules of the test, viz., Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.


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