Certification by Trinity College London

On successful completion of the course, appropriate Diploma is awarded to students.


Further, the participants are encouraged to take GESE/ISE examinations in English, at the ENGLISH WORLD, conducted by Trinity College London  International Examination Board. These examinations are accredited by the Qualification and Curriculum Authority, UK (QCQ-UK), which is part of U.K. Government's Department for Education and Skills (DfES).


These are well recognized in Europe, USA and other countries. These are also fully aligned to the Common European Framework (CEF).


This International validity results in realistic International employment opportunities to the participants.


These examinations are conducted at the ENGLISH WORLD in Hyderabad, twice a year, by examiners who come from Trinity College, London UK.


Participants in the professional Diploma course could also appear for the IELTS test conducted by the British Council, as it has wide International acceptance. British council conducts this test in Hyderabad, every month.