Communication Skills & Personality Development

Communication Skills:

· Develop your fluency in spoken English  
·Improve your pronunciation  
·Extend your vocabulary  
·Help understand more informal, idiomatic English  
·Help communicate in English on day-to-day topics  
·Prepare you for jobs or courses which require you to take part in group discussions.  

We select interesting reading materials and audio-visual aids to stimulate your interest in a topic. You are given plenty of opportunity to practice speaking and listening, by working in pairs and small groups.

Course Content

Module 1 - Grammar and Usage  
·Module 2 - Communication Skills  
·Module 3 - Structural Conversations  
·Module 4 - Situational Conversations  
·Module 5 - Oral Communications  
·Module 6 - Written Communication  
·Module 7 - Pronunciations and Accents of English  

Make the students to:

·Speak Correct English  
·Improve general English skills - listen, speak, read and write  
·Learn the correct accent  
·Converse with confidence  
·Enhance communication skills  

Personality Development

  • Conversational skills  

  • Time management  

  • Memory retention

  • Interpersonal skills  

  • Interview skills  

  • Goal setting  

  • Stress management  

  • Confidence building

  • Body language

  • Business etiquette

  • Presentation skills