Intensive Training for Soft Skill Development for

 Call Center & Medical Transcript Executives 

The Course will help you:

  • Present yourself well on the telephone  

  • Deal with difficult callers and negotiate with them  

  • Avoid misunderstandings on the telephone  

  • Extend your vocabulary and deal with difficult grammatical areas

  • Understand informal and idiomatic English  

  • Develop interpersonal skills such as active listening and understanding  

  • Focus on functional language (as appropriate).

The course is mainly task-based and participants will be involved in activities such as conducting telephone conversations, presenting information and taking part in discussions.

Topics include:

Problems with pronunciation,  
·Accent reduction,  
·Exposure to UK and US accents,  
·Western culture,  
·India-centric terms,  
·Stress and intonation,  
·US versus UK vocabulary and grammar,  
·And variations of spoken English (through focused listening).